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3i show

By: Paige McFarland, Kansas Corn Intern

Good afternoon all!

I started writing this blog about the 3i Show and it occurred to me that I should probably start out by explaining what exactly the 3i Show is. Often times we expect that everybody knows what we are talking about, but after reading some other blogs myself, I am certain that not all of our readers know what on earth the 3i Show is.

So we’ll start with this- What do the 3 I’s stand for? Industry, Implements and Irrigation. The show hosts 500+ exhibitors who are showcasing their company, products and services. These exhibitors include seed companies, equipment dealers, and even massage chairs. (Because who doesn’t need a massage after walking around the show all day?) The 3i show is hosted in Dodge City, Kansas and creates a week-long economic boom for the Cowboy Capitol of the World.

We spent three days last week showcasing the flex fuel Kansas Corn car (runs on any combination of ethanol and gas up to 85% ethanol) and the Biodiesel truck at the 3i show with the Kansas Soybeans and Kansas Sorghum Commissions. We spent those days talking to farmers and ranchers about renewable fuels, markets and of course, the weather.

This was my third year (yes, THIRD) attending the 3i Show. Every year there has always been something that REALLY sticks out to me. The first year (2012) was how irrigation pivots run, the second year (2013) was the fact that feedlots are HUGE, and this year was something different, of course. Last week I had the opportunity to talk with so many people in the Ag industry and every single one of them was extremely positive. I’ve known for a while that I want to be involved in agriculture for the rest of my life, but this past week just really drilled that home. My internship has allowed me to meet so many genuine people and I’m overwhelmed with the positivity and encouragement of every single one of them.

It reminds me of the quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”