Childress: Ethanol- Good Enough for NASCAR, Good Enough for Your Car

Today Richard Childress showed his support for ethanol in an article he wrote for the Kansas City Star. Childress says in the article, “NASCAR just surpassed 2 million miles of driving — in practice, qualifying and racing laps — on E15 without a hitch in what can only be described as a seamless transition. Plus, we’ve also seen enhanced performance. In fact, many of the teams have reported an increase in horsepower. In my mind, this proves that E15 is a viable alternative to regular gasoline.”

He goes on to state, “I like to think that if E15 is good enough for my racing team, it’s certainly good enough for everyday street cars.”

NASCAR fans will gather in Kansas City this weekend at the Kansas Speedway for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series to compete in the SFP 250 on Saturday and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will take place on Sunday which racers will compete in the STP 400.


E15 ethanol is a viable alternative to regular gas

Richard Childress is the president and chief executive officer of Richard Childress Racing, a 12-time championship winning NASCAR organization. He lives in Clemmons, N.C.

Special to The Star

Some may question how the owner of a NASCAR racing team can promote air quality with a straight face. After all, for years, my business has been burning rubber and racing fuel in front of massive crowds that leave a lot of litter behind.

But times are changing. And the sport of NASCAR, including my team, Richard Childress Racing, has changed with them. Today, we’re deeply involved in efforts to make our sport more environmentally friendly — from recycling motor fluids, to reducing carbon emissions from our racing fuel, to using alternative power sources — all under the NASCAR Green umbrella.
I do all this because I’m a conservationist who wants to see his grandkids grow up with clean air, clean water and green spaces. And one of the efforts that I’m most proud of is the introduction of American ethanol to racing as a means of cutting our emissions with a clean, renewable alternative fuel.

Read the entire article here.

For more information:
American Ethanol Racing
National Corn Growers Association
Renewable Fuels Association


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