Ag Education

By: DeEtta Bohling, Communications Specialist

Good day, mate! I recently returned from an awesome (awesome doesn’t quite do it justice) vacation with my family to Australia. On the flight to LAX, I had the opportunity to sit next to my 13-year old brother, Hank, to catch up on race cars, girlfriends, baseball and school.

One of the things I found most interesting (besides his love/hate relationship with middle school girls) was that he took an Ag class during the second quarter of this year. All 7th and 8th graders are required to take a quarter of Ag along with technology, family and consumer sciences and art. This was news to me and certainly not the same opportunities I had while in middle school. Each of those four subjects pretty well sums up my job here, with Kansas Corn and Grain Sorghum.

When I asked which of the four classes he enjoyed the most, he replied, “Ag”. (So proud.) I asked why and he said that he really enjoys science (is he really my brother?) and he liked that it was very hands-on.

What exactly is taught in 7th grade Ag class? Hank learned about meat processing, “everything about corn”, swine production, and soil. I’m sure there was much more to the curriculum, but a 13-year old boy can only remember so much! “We only had six weeks!” he said. Trying to get him to go into any further detail was no use.

Does your middle school offer ag classes? I’d love to hear from you!


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