Corn-fed beef: Good for your heart

By: DeEtta Bohling, Communications Specialist

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at the Kansas Corn and Grain Sorghum office!

Instead of going out to eat with my boyfriend this evening, we’ll be enjoying steaks at home with a side of cooked carrots and potatoes. Though I enjoy a dinner out, the meat we prepare is always cooked to perfection. You gotta love lean beef, so what a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Heart Month than with corn-fed beef!?

There are many benefits to corn-fed beef. As a consumer, I appreciate a high-protein diet and recognize the importance it plays in keeping me healthy and strong. Corn-fed, or grain-fed beef is the most widely produced kind of beef in the U.S. and is probably what you commonly see at your local grocery store.

What you may not know, however, is that corn-fed beef cattle spend most of their lives in a pasture eating grass. Modern beef production increases efficiency and allows us to produce more pounds of beef using fewer resources. After all, we love the land and water! Modern cattle feeding operations allow us to have a year-round supply have safe, wholesome and nutritious beef at an affordable price.

What about antibiotics in your beef? As Teresa Brandenburg, a Kansas farmer who raises beef cattle explains, “I have a three year old son and if he gets sick, I never hesitate to take him to the doctor. If the doctor tells me he need antibiotics, I make sure he gets what he needs right away. The same thing goes for our cows. These are not only our livelihood, but I shop at the same grocery store you do. Anything we raise here can end up on my family’s table and I take that very seriously.” Watch video.

The FDA safety standards strictly prohibit the sale of any meat containing antibiotic traces above safety limits. When Teresa and her family take their livestock to market, they sign a paper that says that they have adhered to all of the withdrawal regulations.

“I want to show you that the food you’re putting on your table is the same food I’m putting on mine. As a mom and a woman, I’m proud to bring you the things you feed your family,” says Brandenburg.

I sincerely hope that each of you have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!

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