Is organic food safer?

Is organic food safer than conventional agriculture? That’s what most of the media will tell you, but “it just ain’t so.”  In fact, there are many more reasons to be concerned about the food that’s sold under the “organic” label.

In a recent interview with Green State TV, Alex Avery, Director of Research and Education at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Food Issues, discusses pesticides, organic agriculture, and the threats that should and shouldn’t concern us.

As Avery explains, “There are far greater risks in life we need to worry about [than pesticides], and in food the biggest is the E. coli, the Salmonella, and the other bacteria that can actually kill you. Evidence indicates that organic is at least as contaminated with these bacteria if not more so.”

For more info, find Green State TV on Facebook and check out their website.

View the full episode here.


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