Let’s Celebrate!

By: DeEtta Bohling, Communications Specialist

St. Patty’s Day is Thursday but I’m wearing green today. Why you ask? I’m celebrating National Ag Day!

This morning corn, wheat, soybean, and grain sorghum growers in Kansas gathered for the annual “Wake Up To Kansas” pancake feed. Growers made breakfast for the legislators in Topeka as a thank you for their continued support in agricultural issues.

I say that I’m celebrating today, but really I celebrate farmers and ranchers every day-each time I open my refrigerator, when I brush my teeth (toothpaste is made with corn), when I pull on my leather boots and all the times I fill up with ethanol on my way home from work.

If you were stopped on the street asked what you know and thought about farmers, what would you say? Here is what the folks in NYC had to say. I wasn’t surprised by the answers given. Your first thought was likely, “Silly city people. They don’t know anything about agriculture.”

I encourage you to remember that these answers don’t just come from the big cities. Many in rural communities are just as disconnected when it comes to farming and agriculture. Today, less than 2% of Americans farm. In 1910, 98% of America’s population were farmers.

The gap between the farm gate and the dinner plate keeps getting larger. With technology and social media, advocates for agriculture have the resources and the opportunity to close the gap. More than ever, people are concerned, interested, and curious about where their food comes from. Farmers and ranchers- let’s continue to show them wholesome, American, family farms- just like yours. Consumers- keep challenging us and asking questions. And don’t forget to thank a farmer for producing feed, fuel, food and fiber!

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