Go Green with E-15

By: DeEtta Bohling, KCGA/ KGSPA
Communications Specialist

Last week NASCAR announced their partnership with American Ethanol, stating that E15 ethanol blend will be used for the 2011 NASCAR racing season.

I grew up watching (and napping to) NASCAR. In fact, the basement at my parents’ is decorated in racing memorabilia, so you can imagine the excitement I had when I found out that this partnership was in the works.

NASCAR is one of the most effective marketing and advertising organizations in the world. The sport’s recent decision to use E15 as the fuel for its 2011 racing season is clearly a powerful move for the American ethanol industry. Not only is this an opportunity to show that American farmers are the most productive in the world and have the ability to produce our nation’s own source of fuel; but it also means a steady market for the rapidly increasing supply of corn we grow in this country.

This year’s corn harvest, despite many challenges, was our third-largest in U.S. history. With precision farming, innovation and technology, American corn farmer can double harvest within 30 years. America’s corn farmers are feeding and fueling the world.

As Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack recently said- “If E15 is good enough for Jimmie Johnson, it is good enough for the rest of the American public.”

I look forward to watching American ethanol continue to create jobs in the U.S, help foster energy independence, and continue to show that E15 is food for racing, good for America and good for the environment.


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