Cows, Carnivals and Cotton Candy! Hooray it’s County Fair Time!!

By: Kiley Stinson, Intern
It’s hard to believe that it’s already county fair time in a lot of states, including the great state of Kansas. Where in the world did summer go? Quite honestly, there’s just about  no better way to wrap up the summer than spending a little time with family and friends at the county fair. County and state fairs aren’t just for farm kids or 4-H and FFA youngsters either. Its fun for EVERYONE! And no two fairs are the same, even if they are only 15 miles apart. County fairs are meant to be fun and educational. It’s not just cows and chickens, there’s rocketry, flowers and photography! Crops, concerts, corn dogs and so much more! If you are not wanting to brave the heat during the daytime, check it out at night. There is almost always nightly entertainment. Needing more information? Contact your local extension office. They will be more than happy to provide you with a schedule of events and information about your local fair and similar events in your area. Mark your calendars 2010 Kansas State Fair “It’s a wild ride, baby” September 10-19th.

Congrats and a big high-five to all the kiddos on all your hard work and dedication you put into your projects this year!! Thanks Moms and Dads for all your support and help along the way.

And good luck to those whose fair is fast approaching!


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