The Time is NOW

With regulators, food elitists and animal-rights extremists consistently attacking agriculture, it is important that growers work together to respond to challenges threatening their livelihoods, according to a new video, “Add Volume to Your Voice,” released by the National Corn Growers Association today.

The video is available through YouTube by clicking here.

Polling shows that many Americans no longer understand agriculture in their own country. Most believe that family farming no longer exists and some children do not even realize where their food comes from or how it is grown. Yet, the majority of Americans strongly believe that family farmers are trustworthy messengers. This provides growers an opportunity to educate the public and influence policies that affect their operations.

But, it is difficult to hear a single voice. With farmers constituting less than 2 percent of the U.S. population today, it is increasingly important that growers voice their story and concerns together. With 35,000 members and growing, NCGA helps growers deliver a message that is louder, clearer and undeniable. Visit for more information on becoming a member of the Kansas Corn Growers Association.


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