It PAYS to join!

Interest in the future of corn is running at an all-time high. For the past few years attacks on corn and ethanol have been prevalent as competing interests have launched highly visible misinformation campaigns. These well funded special interest groups have a goal—to lower the price you receive for your grain by reducing or eliminating ethanol production. Our most valuable customer, the livestock industry, is also being attacked by activists. We can’t continue our efforts without a strong member base that can speak up for agriculture. It begins with YOU!

Whether the issue is livestock, ethanol, or even exports, Kansas corn farmers have a role to play. I ask for a moment of your time and for your consideration to join me in our efforts.

KCGA staff have literally lead the nationwide fight for the past fifteen years to keep atrazine on the market. Our  executive director is the chairman of a nationwide coalition of agricultural interests that have kept science on top and activists at bay. According to the US EPA, atrazine use has a $28 per corn acre value annually at the farm. How much is that worth on your farm?

Members of the KCGA team up with more than 33,000 members of the National Corn Growers Association to expand markets for corn and give corn farmers a powerful voice. Along with giving you a voice in the legislator, and an opportuntity to meet growers from around the nation, KCGA and NCGA has a variety of benefits available to memebers. When you join the Kansas Corn Growers Association for three years, you receive a free bag of corn seed. The free seed offer is available until August 31, 2010.

Through NCGA, discounts are available through Ford Motor Company, Dell Products, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Cabela’s, and the NCGA Corner Store. You also earn your right to participate in the National Corn Yield Contest along with over 6,000 growers. The NCYC is the premier event of every corn growing season. For 44 years, the National Corn Yield Contest offers challenges and rewards to each entrant. For more information on these benefits, visit: 
KCGA and NCGA work hard for corn growers with leadership you can count on both on the state and national levels. Just receiving one of the many benefits KCGA has to offer is a bargain but receiving them all, it simply pays to join! Now is the time to invest in your industry, the corn industry.

 Already a member? Ever wonder why more of your corn grower neighbors aren’t reaping the benefits of the Association? Ask them! When you sign them up, you build member strength and we reward your efforts!

 For more information on the Kansas Corn Growers Association visit or call us at 800-489-2676.


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