Thank a Farmer

By DeEtta Bohling
Communications Specialist
Kansas Corn Growers Association
Kansas Sorghum Producers Association

Within the first couple weeks of January, media outlets generally  re-cap the year and focus on a few individuals. For many, these individuals may have been Michael Jackson or Tiger Woods. The Adair County Free Press, located in Greenfield, Iowa decided to salute corn growers.

“For the Free Press this year, our choice of the story of the year is the bumper corn and bean crops. It’s a lot better than a pop star and wayward golf pro in its effect on our Adair County citizens. If you are going to be swept away by anything, let it be an abundance of food.”

The January 13, 2010 issue of the Adair County Free Press was dedicated to all things corn- the history of husking contests, ethanol, livestock feed, conservation practices, new technology, consumers, water usage, pesticides, and dry milling.

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good time to thank those in your communities who produce the food that nourishes our bodies. Don’t wait until Earth Day, Thanksgiving or any other holiday to thank a farmer.


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