The 411 on Ethanol

E85What motor fuel is completely renewable, environmentally friendly and not only is domestic, but enhances the nation’s economy and energy independence? Ethanol of course!

E10 is a blend of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline. It is approved for use by every major automaker in the world. E85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, and is designed for use in Flex-Fuel Vehicles. There are over 7 million flex fuel vehicles on the road today.

Ethanol is the only clean-burning fuel available to replace gasoline used in our cars and light trucks. Government tests have shown a reduction of harmful hydrocarbon and benzene emissions when vehicles run on E85 as opposed to those running on gasoline. E85 can also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment. Ethanol’s ability to degrade quickly in water makes an accidental spill less of a risk to the environment as opposed to petroleum based fuels or additives.

 The production of ethanol occurs in rural communities across the U.S. ethanol production increases the value of feed grains grown by farmers. In the United States, ethanol is typically produced from corn and other grains. In Kansas, for example, grain sorghum is a major feedstock for ethanol. Ethanol also can be produced from different feedstocks that contain starch. Commercial scale cellulosic ethanol processes are under development that will allow the use of cellulosic materials like grasses, crop waste and other feedstocks to produce ethanol. In the future, cellulosic and grain ethanol plants may operate side by side, making fuel not only from grain, but stalks and cobs, as well.

 The ethanol industry remains strong with record production in 2009. The ethanol industry provides a significant contribution to our economy, especially rural economies, by creating jobs, increasing market opportunities, generating additional household income and tax revenues, and stimulating capital investment.

 Ethanol plants are modern and efficient. Ethanol has a positive energy balance. Each gallon of grain-based ethanol today delivers as much as 67% more energy than is used to produce it! This is huge! So, ethanol reduces our dependence on foreign oil, helps the environment, boosts our economy and is good for our cars.

Too much of a good thing? No such thing when it comes to ethanol!

Ethanol Information:

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